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RackStuds are the easy, tool-less, strong (tested up to 37kg) and safe alternative to the traditional cage nut to install IT, PRO A/V, security and telecommunications equipment in 19” racks. 

Quick & Easy: RackStuds Save 20% On Rack Installation Time

Made of innovative, high performance metal replacement polymers, the RackStuds are tested to a heavy-duty load capacity of up to 37 kg. There is no need for tools, not even a screwdriver. Rack mounting is extremely easy, front-access only, which will save you 20% in installation time – and keep your hands and head safe. Its front access feature makes RackStuds the ideal easy solution to slot in new equipment into an already fitted out rack system.

Red & Blue RackStuds To Fit Almost Any Rack

There is a choice of red and blue RackStuds, depending on the thickness of the rails and hole size of your rack mounting system.

RackStuds REVIEW

“WOW… Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? It’s brilliant! A great design saving countless fingers from cage nut injuries and countless heads from someone dropping a switch on themselves while they try and install it at the top of a rack.” – Landon Orr, Network Operations Engineer – QualtricsRave reviews

“Much faster to install than traditional cage nuts, even with a cage nut tool. Can be installed tool-less using thumb caps. Threadless tops allows for easy equipment mounting. Equipment has a place to rest while being screwed in.” – Patrick Kennedy, Serve the Home

“‘Major problem with traditional cage nuts is having to add rack equipment into an open slot with equipment fastened on either side. With cage nuts there’s hardly room to reach in and it gets fiddly. Not with RackStuds: just clip on and slide equipment in and fasten.” – Chris Adams