5 Benefits Of Using Custom Wiring Harnesses

With the continued advancement of technology, the use of custom wiring harnesses has become increasingly beneficial across a wide range of industries.

A crucial part of any electrical component, harnesses play an important role in keeping electrical systems organised as well as providing the necessary protection to the cables and wires.

With over 30-years experience in the industry, QCC Custom Cables are experts at designing and producing custom made harnesses.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 5 major benefits of using custom wiring harnesses.

And, because we are “custom wiring harness” people, we’ll also share some insights into design features of a well-made harness.


Saves On Time

Time is a highly valuable resource in any industry.

If a piece of equipment breaks or an electronic system goes down, you want to be able to quickly diagnose the problem and get it fixed.

It can be extremely frustrating and time consuming to have to sort through a jumble of unorganised wires and cables when trying to get something up and running again.

A custom wiring harness with systematic bundling makes it fast and easy for technicians to trace the cause of a failure to its source.

Well designed wiring harnesses will feature different coloured wires with clear labels to make the process as straight forward as possible.

Harnesses are also quick to install, easy to manage and help to avoid time consuming connection errors.

Saves On Space

A custom wiring harness minimises the length of essential cables and wires, therefore optimising the most efficient use of space possible.

Imagine, for example, if you were to take out all of the wiring from an average car and lay it out on the ground. The wires and cables would stretch on for many 100’s of metres in most cases.

The use of wiring harnesses keeps everything as compact as possible. Without them, it would be impossible to fit all of the necessary wiring inside of the vehicle.

It’s not just the automotive industry that relies on wiring harnesses to maximise the use of space. Telecommunications, defence, aeronautics, marine, robotics and manufacturing industries are all dependent on harnesses in minimising the amount the space taken up countless wires and cables.

Premium Quality Materials

There is a huge difference in quality between store-bought cables and wires compared to the materials used in a custom wiring harness.

A reputable harness manufacturer will only use premium grade, robust materials to ensure the highest calibre of signal and power transmission is achieved.

In addition, custom wiring harnesses undergo stringent testing procedures to ensure ultimately reliability and wiring performance.

Protection And Safety

When wires and cables are bundled together into a custom wiring harness, they are better protected against the adverse effects of moisture, vibrations and abrasions.

An array of tailored protection measures can be incorporated into the design of the harness depending on its intended use and operating environment.

For example, thermal management sleeves can be used to provide superior fire resistance under extreme conditions. Whereas a braided covering is water resistant and will allow liquid and moisture to pass through in the event of direct or indirect exposure to water

Moreover, as the wires and conductors are bundled together, they are much less likely to short-circuit compared to a collection of loose wires that may catch on parts of the machinery they are being threaded through.

Custom Solutions  

Last but certainly not least, a custom wiring harness provides a completely bespoke solution for a specific problem or application.

An experienced harness manufacturer will have the capabilities to meet your detailed performance specifications.

The individual operating conditions of your harness will be considered in detail to ensure the right types of materials are used and ample protection measures are incorporated into the design. This will ensure your harness stands the test of time, thereby adding value to your project.

Additionally, a manufacturer can work with you to pinpoint new ways to save you time, effort and money with an optimised harness design.

To Wrap Things Up

So as we’ve discovered, custom wiring harnesses offer significant benefits across a wide range of industries and applications.

The expert team at QCC Custom Cables have over 30 years’ experience designing and assembling harnesses of varying size and complexity.

If you require a custom made harness, we have the right expertise to deliver a workable solution for you, in full and on time.

For more information and advice, click here to contact QCC Custom Cables.