BenQ InstaShow Wireless HDMI Presentation System

InstaShow: professionalising board room efficiency

From BenQ the top quality display masters comes the InstaShow Wireless HDMI presentation system, a game changer in boardroom, meeting room or class/lecture rooms and retail or hospitality environments. The wireless HDMI instant true plug & play visual content sharing system is the ultimate professional solution to increase productivity and efficiency in collaborative meetings in any type of business or organisation. No cabling and connection hassles, no time lost switching and connecting between devices but instead easy switches between laptops and between content and video - maximising valuable meeting time for your team and guests alike.

BenQ InstaShow Wireless HDMI Presentation System Video

InstaShow Wireless HDMI Presentation System

Stress less, present more

A game changer in any boardroom, meeting room or class/lecture room and retail or hospitality environment, the Instashow Wireless HDMI truly plugs & plays into participants’ laptops or devices. Share up to 8 laptops on 1 connected central display or projector – or share the Instashow button between laptops. Start the presentations!

Product features InstaShow

  • InstaShow Wireless HDMI Presentation System
  • Reliable all-hardware true plug & play solution
  • InstaShow set contains 2x InstaShow Buttons 1x InstaShow Host 1x InstaShow Cradle
  • For an all-round solution, an additional (Mini) DisplayPort or USB-C adapter is supplied, order appropriate kit
  • Suitable to connect up to 8 laptops to 1 connected device
  • Optional Extra Button Kit extends the number of participating laptops to a maximum of 16
  • Extremely easy to use, no training, software setup or IT maintenance required
  • Very easy presenter-controlled Video Mode Switching
  • Video & audio support, wireless 80211ac up to 400Mbps and auto-channel selection ensure smooth presentations in any environment
  • Simple wireless pairing of the transmit button to the receiver host, web control pairing possible of InstaShow ceiling-mounted to projector
  • Easy click-switch from presentation to smooth stereo video
  • Compatible on any platform with HDMI input
  • Extended desktop mode in Windows and OS X
  • High quality AES 128-bit and WPA2 protection
  • Supports HDCP
  • Fast response for Presentation Video and Animation
  • Optimal intelligent resolution matching, automatically configures the source's resolution setting to match the display device for clear picture quality

Global reviews InstaShow

"Most simple set up ever. Plugged the device into 2 PCs and a projector, it was so simple, it just worked. Switching between both devices was just the press of a button. No downloads or software... Great product. I would definitely recommend it." - 5 stars

"Truly Plug'n'Play. Not having to install any software is a bonus. Very quick and easy to set up. It's a breeze to switch between laptops on the fly. No lag from the wifi." - 4 stars

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