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5 benefits of using custom wiring harnesses

With the continued advancement of technology, the use of custom wiring harnesses has become increasingly beneficial across a wide range of industries.

A crucial part of any electrical component, harnesses play an important role in keeping electrical systems organised as well as providing the necessary protection to the cables and wires.

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What is a custom wiring harness and what does it do?

Custom wiring harnesses are a critical component in everyday electrical systems. They keep our cars running, our laptops powered and our washing machines spinning.

They are also widely used in more complex applications, such as airplanes, communications systems and military equipment.

But what exactly is a wiring harness?

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Here’s 3 industries which rely on custom wiring harnesses

With the continued and rapid advancement of technology, the need for reliable energy and data transmission is more critical than ever before.

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4 Design Considerations for Custom Automotive Wiring Harnesses

Designing an automotive wiring harness presents a unique set of challenges for any type and size of vehicle.

A secondary custom wiring harness may be required for installing a GPS tracking system, two way communications radio or even a specialised console interface.

Regardless of the application, the harness needs to be precisely built in order to withstand exposure to specific conditions within a vehicle, such as engine vibration.

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What’s the difference between a DIY and Commercial Wiring Harness Prototype?

If you are working on a project that requires a custom wiring harness, it can be tempting to have a go at building your own DIY harness prototype.

But there are many important differences between a prototype which is built to simple test functionality and one that has been built to commercial standards by a professional.

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What Do I Need to Know About IP Rated Connectors and Cables?

Using the correct IP rating is one of the most important considerations when specifying connectors for a custom cabling project.

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What to Look for in a High Quality Wiring Harness

A custom wiring harness is designed to save you time, money and improve project efficiency.

But what goes into making a high quality wiring harness? It’s not just the outside, but the inside of the cabling you need consider.

If you’re thinking about getting a custom built harness, you want to be sure that the manufacturer is going to build you something that will last and function properly.

Not all cables are created equal, so here’s 6 key components to look for in a high quality harness.

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Submarine Communications Cable - The Cloud Down Below

To give international businesses voice and data connectivity, broadcast services and communication access in this digital economy, we acknowledge the importance of satellites above us and The Cloud. But surprisingly, 99 percent of data transmitted around the world actually relies on a network of submarine communications cable to get around. Lying deep on the world’s oceans, this network of fibre-optic and coaxial cables connects all continents except Antartica. Out of sight to most people, a network of almost a million kilometres of undersea cabling network carries the world’s internet, long enough to travel to the moon and back - twice.

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BenQ InstaShow Wireless HDMI Presentation System

InstaShow: professionalising board room efficiency

From BenQ the top quality display masters comes the InstaShow Wireless HDMI presentation system, a game changer in boardroom, meeting room or class/lecture rooms and retail or hospitality environments. The wireless HDMI instant true plug & play visual content sharing system is the ultimate professional solution to increase productivity and efficiency in collaborative meetings in any type of business or organisation. No cabling and connection hassles, no time lost switching and connecting between devices but instead easy switches between laptops and between content and video - maximising valuable meeting time for your team and guests alike.

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Join the RackStuds Revolution


RackStuds are the easy, tool-less, strong (tested up to 37kg) and safe alternative to the traditional cage nut to install IT, PRO A/V, security and telecommunications equipment in 19” racks. 

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Rapstrap - The $61 Million Rubbish Invention

'It's a simple, cost- and waste effective idea, but the point is no one else had come up with it.'

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Lite Trace - Identify Leads in Seconds

Fast-Track Smart Cable Management Without Labels Or Documentation

Simply connect the Lite Trace tool to any Lite Trace ethernet cable to identify the opposite end. No labelling, no documentation needed - just instant and 100% accurate LED identification of individual cables. Talk about real smart and high value cable management!

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The Mighty Thuderbolt 3.0 Meets Versatile USB Type C

Powerful I/O ports

As the interface between your computer and any peripheral, I/O ports are highly important. Here's why Thunderbolt 3.0 is actually quite appropriately named. The Thunderbolt 3.0 basically accommodates the increasing quality of high resolution displays on large and smaller devices. The trend for devices to be portable, smaller and as light as possible means that connectivity often suffers as the ports and cables cannot keep up with the resolutions of up to 4K.

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